Photography by Courtney Corriell Photography.

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Hi friends! My name is Jamie Adams, and I'm an artistic collaborator and co-designer at Layered Cake Artistry.

I have been a lover of art since I was seven years old, collecting drawing books and spending hours doodling and re-creating images. It was quickly noticed that my drawings were beyond what a typical seven year old would produce. In high-school, I learned how to paint and refine my skill under the most incredibly talented artist, teacher, and friend.


I began creating and selling my art about ten years ago and found myself working as a full time artist shortly after. My art can be found all around the Tri-Cities; you may have seen some of my pieces in Foodies, Analare, and Emerald Studio It has been a journey of learning to find myself and the niche where my art belongs, but I've managed to do so all while raising two beautiful girls that our Good Father blessed me with! Now as they grow older, I find myself getting back to being a full-time artist.

I was absolutely amazed when I first saw Concetta's cakes. When she approached me about a collaboration, it was an immediate 'yes!' I knew I would be working alongside the best of the best when it comes to cake execution, craftsmanship and flavor. It has been such an honor and a thrill creating extraordinarily unique cakes that truly are pieces of art.

Artist Series

Layered's Artist Series, is a collaboration between Concetta and local artist, Jamie Adams (see her biography below). It is within this series that creative juices flow and imaginations run wild. Jamie's specialties include elegantly hand painted cakes and sugar cookies; hand-carved chocolate and fondant detailing; and delicate gold script. She turns every edible treat that she touches into a work of art that is almost too beautiful to eat....almost.